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Our company “ Jetelit” was founded in 2011 November in order to provide Air Taxi (Private Jet, Helicopter), and brokerage services . Jetelit provides elite,fast,high quality,comfortable,reliable services in a different line with its innovative identity, out of the conventional company structure . You will be independent from the scheduled Flights of airline companies and you will use your time more efficiently by travelling in flexible hours dependind on your wishes. We ensure confortable and enjoyable journey with our VIP munus and our well experienced flight crews. We offer you most suitable and economical solutions for your domestic and worldwide flights. Besides the Air Taxi, Air Ambulance, private leased Jet, leased Helicopter , Helicopter and Aircraft purchase&sales and brokerage services , our company will also offer you the most suitable proposal analyzing the leased VIP aircraft options. İf you are looking for leased aircraft ( turbo-prop, jet-propelled) or leased helicopter for air taxi service ,You can contact us 7 days/ 24 hours for your requests clicking on “ communication” Flight routes and hours are fully indexed to your choice ,Jetelit performs the flights in the direction of your choices. You will not wait in the Long queues at the airport and you will not engage in tedious procedures such as passports, luggage, etc. ,our proffessional team will finish these transactions as soon as possible and you can enjoy this facility. We are ready to serve you with every type of business aircrafts situated at various domestis and international airports.

Do you need below mentioned services?

- Air Taxi
- Leased Helicopter
- Air Ambulance
- Business Jet
- Private plane
- VIP Jet
- Leased Jet
- Private Aircraft
- Purchase - Sales - Brokerage

24 / 7 At any time you can reach us .

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